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At a time when "life-coaching" has proved to be limited in forming personalities, it is the quality of goals and actions which is capable of justifying and bringing happiness to a positive existence. Cefro's aim is to offer courses dealing with emotional competencies, giving correct information about methods and research, without "coaching", but giving tools for an independent thought process. Currently, Cefro is a Grundtvig course provider of Lifelong Learning Training for adults. This EU official programme will be replaced by Erasmus for all (2014-2020), and the key action called "Mobility" for adults would continue (Erasmus+). Cefro wants to pursue its activity of training courses which could make better known new theories and methods to be applied to management in Europe. Cefro needs a financial support for its continuous research activities in that field  (humanities, leadership, neurosciences and emotional competencies). See the attachment here CEFRO Project Description LL. Possibility of a financial contribution.pdf